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Development of an optical microscopy system for automated bubble cloud analysis

Daniel J. Wesley, Stuart A. Brittle, and Daniel T. W. Toolan
Appl. Opt. 55(22) 6102-6107 (2016)

Magneto-optical properties of liquid-crystalline ferrofluids

Vassilios Yannopapas, Sabine H.L. Klapp, and Stavros D. Peroukidis
Opt. Mater. Express 6(8) 2681-2688 (2016)

Toward a planar black silicon technology for 50 μm-thin crystalline silicon solar cells

Jae-Won Song, Yoon-Ho Nam, Min-Joon Park, Bongyoung Yoo, Jun-Sik Cho, Ralf B. Wehrspohn, and Jung-Ho Lee
Opt. Express 24(18) A1224-A1233 (2016)

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Top Downloads for June 2016
  1. Enhanced DNA imaging using super-resolution microscopy and simultaneous single-molecule orientation measurements
  2. Photoluminescence emission and Raman response of monolayer MoS2, MoSe2, and WSe2
  3. Far-field diffraction microscopy at λ/10 resolution
  4. Structured-light 3D surface imaging: a tutorial
  5. Frontiers in structured illumination microscopy
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Spotlight on Optics
Angle-resolved multioctave supercontinua from mid-infrared laser filaments
Summary by Taek Yong Hwang

Since its first demonstration by Alfano and Shapiro, supercontinuum generation has been one of the most interesting...

Ultra-precise holographic beam shaping for microscopic quantum control
Summary by Filippo Miatto

The more complex a quantum system is, the harder it is to control it because with more degrees of freedom there are...

Demonstration of acceleration of relativistic electrons at a dielectric microstructure using femtosecond laser pulses
Summary by Alexander Pukhov

Designing a compact accelerator one would hardly think of a microscale silicon chip and a fiber laser normally used for...

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