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Recently Published
Experimental characterization of the speckle pattern at the output of a multimode optical fiber

Donatus Halpaap, Jordi Tiana-Alsina, Meritxell Vilaseca, and Cristina Masoller
Opt. Express 27(20) 27737-27744 (2019)

High-repetition-rate laser ultrasonic generation in carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics excited by a 3.2–3.4  μm ZGP master oscillator power amplifier system

Ye Zhang, Gaoyou Liu, Yi Chen, Chuanpeng Qian, Benrui Zhao, Baoquan Yao, Tongyu Dai, and Xiaoming Duan
Appl. Opt. 58(27) 7655-7660 (2019)

Q-switched lasing at the 2 µm wavelength induced by Cu1.8S nanocrystals

Zhe Kang, Mingyi Liu, Jiaxing Liu, Jie Li, Jun Yi, Chujun Zhao, Dan Zhao, Weiping Qin, and Guanshi Qin
OSA Continuum 2(10) 2809-2817 (2019)

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  1. General formula for bi-aspheric singlet lens design free of spherical aberration
  2. General formula to design a freeform singlet free of spherical aberration and astigmatism
  3. On the use of deep learning for computational imaging
  4. Nanophotonic media for artificial neural inference
  5. All-optical neural network with nonlinear activation functions
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Practical considerations for near-zero margin network design and deployment [Invited]
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Optical networks are typically designed with several types of margins, each of which impacts the trade-off between...

Quantum optical frequency up-conversion for polarisation entangled qubits: towards interconnected quantum information devices
Summary by Peter J. Mosley

Large-scale quantum networks have the potential to revolutionize computation and information transfer. The frequency...

Noninvasive, in vivo rodent brain optical coherence tomography at 2.1  microns
Summary by Paul James Marchand

Imaging deep and non-invasively through biological tissue is one of the main challenges of modern microscopy. As a...

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